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Lutron Nova T Reverse-Phase Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer for LED/INC/HAL/CFL - Taupe


The NovaT Reverse-Phase Electronic Low Voltage dimmer is uniquely designed for use with dimmable LED & CFL lamps, but can also be used to dim incandescent and halogen bulbs. Order your NTRP-250-TP today or contact one of our certified lighting specialists for more information. Reverse-phase type control - neutral wire connection is required in the wallbox When dimming CFLs and LEDs, only bulbs marked or rated as dimmable with reverse-phase or universal dimmers may be used Dimmer is not compatible with bulbs rated only for forward-phase type dimmers UL listed to control: Dimmable CFLs with integrated ballast, dimmable LED with integrated driver, halogen and incandescent, and electronic low-voltage transformers with halogen or LED 250W max dimmable CFL/LED, 600W max incandescent/halogen